Your Summertime Birkenstock Rotation

Your Summertime Birkenstock Rotation

As you’d expect with a name of such stature, footwear brand Birkenstock was founded a long time ago - starting life in 1774 as a subject an cobbler around Langen-Bergheim, Germany. It was from this moment that the brand gathered momentum and grew far beyond any point that they had ever imagined, soon becoming a brand that strived for elevated quality, comfort and support. 

The History of Birkenstock

In 1896, we join master-cobbler Konrad Birkenstock as he begins to manufacture flexible insoles - selling them directly to the consumer. It would be the very same name that developed our footwear industry’s first contoured arch support a mere six years later, further combining both technological developments to form the ‘blue footbed’ for mass production in 1925 Friedberg, also Germany. 

Seven years after opening the Friedberg factory, Carl Birkenstock developed and launched the Birkenstock training course - a step-by-step allowing everyone from podiatrists to the average human to learn about underfoot comfort. In fact, the ‘Carl Birkenstock System was endorsed by leading physicians, elevating the brand’s name further. 

Onto 1988, the moment in time when environmentally-friendly adhesives made their way into Birkenstock’s production process. We’d consider this an early take on environmental awareness here at TOWER, because Birkenstock managed to set a fundamental standard for eco-manufacturing across the industry. Two years later, production expanded and was modernised to chop energy usage by over 90%. Huge, enormous steps from Birkenstock here. 

But, history lessons can only curb your boredom for so long - don’t worry, on the very rare occasion we need a little more excitement too. So, let’s delve into three corners of Birkenstock’s silhouette DNA arriving as TOWER’s newest styles. Meet, the Birkenstock Boston mule, the Arizona sandal and the Buckley slip-on. 

What is the Birkenstock Boston?

To keep it brief, the Birkenstock Boston is clog - and a brilliant clog at that! Thanks to its original anatomically shaped footbed, the German built Boston is designed to be rocked from summer until winter and from autumn until spring; so, with the additional foam layer in addition to cork underfoot as standard and a fully adjustable metal pin buckle up top, this is a year-round winner. 

What is the Birkenstock Arizona?

The classic Birkenstock Arizona is special. So special. What makes the this Arizona special? We hear you ask? Well, each pair undergoes 17 separate stages before the showing face on the big stage - including the baking of each cork-latex footbed and punching perforations in every strap for buckle collaboration. 

What is the Birkenstock Buckley?

Aptly named the Buckley because, well, it sports a sizeable buckle - Birkenstock's semi-open moccasin-style clog sits upon a thick, cork-latex sole. Pieced together with tonal stitching, the naturally shaped design can be pieced together using both suede and leather, welcoming further adjustments thanks to a solo strap setup.  

So, there you have it - the history of Birkenstock followed by a dive into some of our favourite silhouettes. Shop more Birkenstock styles here, and keep one eye on our Instagram for Birkenstock styling tips.