TOWER Family: This week’s family favourites – Vol. 26

TOWER Family: This week’s family favourites – Vol. 26
Every week, the team at TOWER HQ takes a moment to chop-up everything that has appeared on our shelves over the past seven days. What's the catch? If it dropped and flew, it's already too late! Everything you'll find here is ready to be bagged, stacked and laced-up at a time that suits you. January is a big one, it always is, which is why we're going above and beyond to make your winter-wear a little bit easier to find. Funnily enough there will be no sandals - just cosy pairs, battle-ready soles and greatness ready to be laced up.

5. Ralph Lauren Trackster 200

Inspired by retro footwear styling and classically laced greatness, the Trackster 200 bats back archaic balance with modern performance technology, sitting proudly upon a premium EVA midsole, TPU-heel cupping and reflective faux leather up top. A mouthful, but an example of Ralph Lauren's direction for 2023.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Home Felt

Ready for the treacherous journey from sofa to shower, the Home Felt slipper from Tommy Hilfiger is comprised of a plush sheepskin upper, rubber outsole and slip-on fastening. If there's one thing Tommy Hilfiger does well, it's keeping you cosy and warm!

3. GUESS Vicenza

Clean, concise and unquestionably simple, the GUESS Vicenza takes low-top wearability to all-new heights. Underfoot, you'll find thermoplastic rubber soles with an 80% leather upper a subtle branding up top.

2. Dr. Martens Quad Toe Cap

Four soles for your ventures, the Quad Sole tri-holed shoe from Dr. Martens is back - this time, with a thick-set, triple-stitched toe cap up front. You can't question a classic, we won't either.

1. Dr. Martens Fur-lined Combs boot

Below the surface, each stride is cushioned by SoftWair insoles - playing a counter card to the Combs Utility boot’s AirWair outsoles. Hitting TOWER’s shelves with immeasurable gusto, we’re handed a style that combines lightweight materials to update Dr. Martens’ iconic DNA - no matter where you start.