TOWER Family: Revisiting Sub Blue with Dr. Martens

TOWER Family: Revisiting Sub Blue with Dr. Martens

For AW22, you may remember that TOWER joined forces with HQ resident Dr. Martens to cast a yellow-tinted spotlight over a healthy dose of up-and-coming talent.

As it happens, we got up close and personal with Liverpool-based R&B artist Sub Blue, as he stepped into TOWER’s yellow-tinted spotlight.

The 19 year old vocalist, musician and songwriter is exploring electric soul in a manner so personal to his own energy, that angst and an abandonment of adolescence can be found line-after-line, rhyme-after-rhyme.

Whilst the Liverpool-based R&B artist may be taking the limelight in the long-run, there’s no questioning the weight of Dr. Martens’ casual lines when creating our youth culture’s next big hit.

You’ve faced the music, but now it’s time to learn about the styles we’re lacing on-foot!

First up, a silhouette earmarked as Dr. Martens’ ‘toughest design yet’ - the Tarik Utility boot sits their street-inspired upper upon a rugged, utilitarian sole set for treacherous cobbled backstreet.

Every last panel is constructed from Extra Tough 50/50, a polyester textile that plays host to 50% recycled plastic without sidestepping comfort beyond everyday wearability.

Below the surface, each stride is cushioned by SoftWair insoles - playing a counter card to the Combs Utility boot’s AirWair outsoles.

As it lives, breathes and conquers London Town, the Combs is an 8-eye unisex boot built to withstand anything… and we mean, anything! Hitting TOWER’s shelves with immeasurable gusto, we’re handed a style that combines lightweight materials to update Dr. Martens’ iconic DNA - no matter where you start.

So, which pair catches your eye? Hit the link to shop TOWER’s selection of Dr. Martens today!