Peace of mind with Dr. Martens, IFUCARESHARE and Jason Markk. A recap!

Peace of mind with Dr. Martens, IFUCARESHARE and Jason Markk. A recap!
On 29th May 2022, TOWER joined forces with Dr. Martens as members of London's footwear community, influential advocates for Men’s Mental Health, Jason Markk, a host of industry experts and local food-spots came together in raising money for IFUCARESHARE foundation.
Celebrating in true TOWER style, our VIPs were treated to a custom screen-printing session, followed by an in-house Mental Health Panel-talk and the opportunity to win one of many exciting prizes that were up for grabs - TOWER raffles call for celebration, do they not?
If it wasn't already clear, we pulled out all the stops when raising awareness for Men's Mental Health and funding charitable donations. In fact, these are two causes that TOWER holds close to our Family's heart - whether you live nearby, further afield or beyond.
IFUCARESHARE's story began in 2005, following the loss of Daniel O'Hare at just 19 years old. Hoping to prevent another family from feeling the same grief, Daniel's brothers, Matthew and Ben, along with cousin Sarah made a plan. They began selling wristbands at football games that carried the message "IF U CARE SHARE," going on to raise over £50,000 for mental health charities. It wasn't until 2011 that IFUCARESHARE registered as a charity itself, driving three main goals: Prevention, Intervention and Support of those bereaved by suicide.
Which leads into TOWER's relationship with Dr. Martens, one that takes our Family back to 1980 as we worked hand-in-hand to spread the word of AirWair and signature yellow threads. Our long-standing rapport made DM the perfect partner to lock in for such a momentous occasion. After all, home is where the sole is at!
As mentioned above, our nearest and dearest were treated to a host of activities from early-doors, opening up exclusive access to custom tee-printing sessions and a footwear care workshop with the brilliant minds at Jason Markk. One big independent retail family brought together for an even bigger cause!
Oh, and one for you foodies out there. Shout out Humble Dough and Hungry Buddha for keeping us in high spirits from dawn until dusk. We couldn’t have done it without you!
If you missed out, don’t worry! Perhaps we’ll see you at the next?
Keep those eyes peeled. In the meantime enjoy a TOWER photo gallery below. We won't be forgetting this one for a while!