TOWER Family: Meet Lacoste!

TOWER Family: Meet Lacoste!

Crocodiles, collaborations and culture - what comes to mind when you think of Lacoste?

There are many areas of footwear that Lacoste has influenced, in fact, to reflect on day one you’ll be joining us in Boston nearly 100 years ago.

Find TOWER in 1923, the year an American journalist nicknamed 19 year old tennis prodigy, René Lacoste ‘the Crocodile’, as to reflect his ferocious on-court determination whilst subtly referring to an unusual bet placed before serving. If our protagonist won, his manager would purchase the crocodile leather suitcase that Lacoste had been admiring so fondly as it sat in a nearby shopfront.

Although René did not win on this occasion, he did go on to become the tennis world’s greatest player between 1926-1927, snatching seven grand slam titles before birthing a brand that carried his legacy far beyond a packed grandstand.

Welcome, the crocodile.

Four years after gaining his nickname, René joined forces with early-customiser, close friend and hands-on stylist, Robert George, to sketch preliminary crocodile logos that would slowly worm their way into all facets of the frenchman’s sporting wardrobe. At first we saw blazers, soon-after polo shirts were introduced and from thereon Lacoste became a brand for all - not just the court.

Fast forward to 1933, and René truly began stretch his legs. A flexible, lightweight polo shirt constructed from “petit piqué” cotton was trialled - spearheading Lacoste’s founding moments as a brand. Another name to remember - say hello to textile manufacturer and knitwear expert, André Gillier, whose material knowhow and eye for details created the foundations for Lacoste’s status as we see it today.

Lacoste was the first apparel brand to utilise a logo on their clothing. So, now you know where it all started!

Stepping away from clothing, patented shock-absorption racket systems that claimed 46 Grand Slam titles between 1966 and 1978, and 1960’s global distribution, René’s snowballing project flirted with everything from fragrance to eyewear before conquering the casual footwear market at 1991’s peak.

In doing so, British shoe manufacturing group, Pentland, were enlisted to lead the project that resulted in Lacoste’s well-received, high-profile silhouette taking a notably different direction to their ‘80s plimsole styling.

In recent seasons, Lacoste’s esteemed clan designers have been pulling elements from archival styles across the board. Whether you’re driving towards ‘80s tennis inspired canvas or ‘90s lifestyle wearability, you’ll find the perfect pair for every occasion at TOWER with Lacoste.