TOWER FAMILY: Valentine's Day is upon us!

TOWER FAMILY: Valentine's Day is upon us!

We’re not here to third-wheel, we carry no roses and unfortunately there’s no candle-lit dinner on the cards this evening - but, that’s not to say that Valentine’s Day has been forgotten.

To celebrate the day of love in true TOWER fashion, we’re giving you a chance to mix, match and save 15% when you bag yourself two pairs or more.

Just because we’re family, doesn’t mean we can’t share the love! After all, as London’s most exciting independent footwear retailer, we know a thing or two about gratitude.

Now for some of our favourite pairs currently sat online at Keep up if you can!

5/4. Dr. Martens Peach Sinclair Peach and Dr. Martens Black Sinclair Black

3/2. Vagabond Alex Loafer and Vagabond Alex Derby

1 (oh, and another 1). Birkenstock Boston Peach and Boston Black