Tips For Choosing The Best School Shoes

Tips For Choosing The Best School Shoes

Picking the best school shoes is by no means a small task - they must be perfect for comfortable wear day after day, deal with scuffs and scrapes and most importantly survive that morning walk to the classroom. Who knows what your little (or bigger) ones will get up beyond the front door, hey?

So, we’re here to help. What shoes should we be wearing back to school? Tick the boxes - after us. All black, leather preferred for ease of cleaning and borderline scuff-resistant - well, as resistant as possible, anyway! Let’s see what else you should be keeping an eye on.

Styles of School Shoes

To lace, or not to lace - for, that is the question. Are laced school shoes better? Or should we be thinking about laceless styles?

Laces, or no laces?

Alas, the age-old question. To lace-up, or not to lace-up! There are benefits to laces, for example more adaptable fit and closer heel-hug, but equally the sensation of slipping into a pair of leather lined, plush leather loafers is somewhat of a fairytale.

A small heel, or a platform?

A slight heel can make or break any outfit, in fact it can bump up your reach a little bit too - there are perks! However, you can take your pick of two height-inducing styles; a slight heel at the rear, or a platform all the way from your toe to your heel. We'll let you decide on a winner, everything else is supplied.

Leather or Suede?

Soft? Rigid? Whichever direction, we're here for quality. To the untrained eye all uppers may look the same, however this is far from the case - just let us do the talking.

A premium, soft upper will do nothing short of improve the longevity of your now favourite pair tenfold. Imagine pulling out that same shoe you wore in 2022 nearly four decades later.

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Each Type of Loafers

So, we’ve touched base with the essentials - but, now there’s an additional minefield to navigate. Which style of loafer is best? We’re here to answer the question, and then some. Properly. But first, the history of the loafer.

History of the Loafer?

Originally, the loafer was inspired by a fisherman shoe from Northern Europe - otherwise known as the Bass Weejun. In the 1930s, European travellers spotted the comfortable looking footwear in Norway, bring it back to the west as a high-class, formal slip-on. We have the Penny Loafer, the Horsebit Loafer, the Tassel Loafer and the Kiltie Loafer - and guess what? They're all different! And each pair serves a different purpose. But, these are the different types of loafer.

What is the Penny Loafer?

Your classic pair - the Penny Loafer is a style that launch in the '30s only to take off in the '50s; essentially, the aesthetic you think of when Loafers are on the cards. Rumour has it, kids used to pop pennies into the slot, hence their name. Pretty handsome if you ask us!

What is the Horsebit Loafer?

Admittedly this is a slight switch-up on the classic Horsebit loafer, but you'd be able to note the sparkling Horsebit Loafer with thanks to a standard golden metal strap shaped like a horse's snaffle across the bridge. Gucci brought these to the forefront of fashion popularity.

What is the Tassel Loafer?

Donning a tassel affixed to the Loafer's crest, the Tassel Loafer (surprise, right?) is said to have originated upon actor Paul Lukas' request of a NY shoemaker to attach tassels at an Oxford's peak. Disappointed by the result, Lukas took his request to the Alden Shoe Company and boom - the Tassel Loafer was born! Regardless of whether this story is accurate or not, there's no questioning the zest of tassel goodness.

What is the Kiltie Loafer?

Similar to the Tassel Loafer, we have a wee tassel at this loafer's peak! However, change comes in the form of a kilt - an odd though popular one amongst casual fans, the Kiltie Loafer is a connoisseur's choice. The full embodiment of what a loafer should, or could be.

Okay, but our important ones aren’t always at school or one their way back from a big day in the classroom - so, you may have to be seen with them. We can style adults too, you know! Take a look below and if anything catches your eye… go for it!

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