Timberland proves it ain’t the size that counts.

This month the brand celebrates a 6” icon, the Yellow Boot.

As Timberland celebrate 45 years since first launching its signature boot, I’m wondering what’s made it such an enduring silhouette. One whose style and wearability seems to have transcended countries, cultures and age brackets.

Originally a workman’s staple, the yellow boot is made up of an impressive 39 pieces, constructed together through 80 separate stages. A worthwhile process for a shoe originally made for coping with the harsh, wet winters in New-Hampshire.

Lauded for their comfort and durability, putting form and function over fashion, the popularity of the boot rocketed. Making their way across the globe, the Yellow Boot became the staple pick up for those after the all-American look. On par with Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Thanksgiving.

The 90’s were a massive time for hip-hop and so too for Timberland, as multiple artists began wearing the boots - laces loose, denim baggy. A partnership so strong, Timberland boots are now synonymous with the genre and culture around rap and hip-hop. See Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, all frequently spotted in pairs.

The design of the boot remains largely unchanged since its first release in 1973. Crafted from soft waterproof nubuck in that signature yellow hue. Other equally iconic features include details like the bolt-shaped metal eyelets, two-tone laces and padded leather collar.

So maybe it’s craftsmanship, durability, style and heritage that continue to keep the Timberland Yellow Boot at the forefront of fashion.

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