This Week's Family Favourites - Vol. 48

This Week's Family Favourites - Vol. 48

Another week closer to 12 months of Family Favourites, and another week of sunshine! Whilst many may consider this a staple of the TOWER blog, that's not to say you should expect the ordinary - no, in fact we'd suggest that you should expect anything but!

Here at TOWER, we pride ourselves in knowing a lot about shoes. After all, it is our job. This week is no exception; here are the very best pairs to grace our shelves and hit your toes. A new season calls for new footwear - don't forget what we told you and don't leave it too late.

The Best Trainers To Release This Week

Right, let's get the ball rolling. Focussing on trainers, what is actually worth talking about right now? We'll give you a hint, the best can be found below.

ASICS GEL-1090v2

ASICS are back at TOWER, baby! Now available both in-store and online, the ASICS 1090v2 is one of the brand's most exciting new silhouettes and a big hit here on Brick Lane. Think you've experienced comfort before? Haven't tried ASICS GEL? Think again...

TOMS Apargata Crochet

Okay, not strictly a trainer - but a casual silhouette nonetheless. Comfort can be done without even trying, and definitely without any socks on foot. Air-flow? Check. Light on-foot? Check. Built to last? You better believe it.

ASICS GEL-Sonoma 15-50

Harnessing its energy from the 15-50 crocc-country spike's upper, a smooth nubuck has been introduced as elements from GEL-Sonoma's primary and secondary instalments are combined. Heavybody shoe, it's likely that you need these.

TOMS Agamma

You've seen the espadrilles, but now it's time for something a little different. Runners, just TOMS runners! Without losing essential TOMS DNA, the Agamma is here to combine ec-conscious lifestyle design and comfort. Nice.

EA7 XK050

In a world where ‘athleisure’ options are our everyday go-to, EA7 brings a fresh perspective on all things sportswear. Whether you’re working up a sweat or going out on the town, we’ve found a sweet-spot worth writing home about. The XK050 exemplifies that sweet-spot.