The History of Buffalo and the Ava Mary

The History of Buffalo and the Ava Mary

The History of Buffalo. We all know about the thick-soled Buffalo platform shoe, but it's important to learn about each step the brand took before that point. What happened before Buffalo became a household name, and which silhouette is at the centre of today's focus?

We'll meet the Buffalo Ava Mary first, and explore the history of Buffalo soon after. Oh, teaser. This is the Ava Mary - now there's no surprise, especially if you hadn't noticed the title of this blog...

The Buffalo Ava Mary

Clad in black faux nappa, the Ava Mary loafer is a far cry away from what we're used to seeing from Buffalo. Somewhat quaint with a hint of signature thick-sole spice, the Ava Mary is a prime example of everything vegan footwear could and should be. It's collected, casually styleable and robust, wearable on all front thanks to a memory foam insole that may just sculpt to your foot as it's worn.

What's more, the vegan upper is actually manufactured using a water-based material.

That's it, that's the Buffalo Ava Mary. So, now it's time to delve into the history of Buffalo.

Let's recap. By sporting memory foam insoles underfoot and vegan nappa leather up top, Buffalo eradicates the fear of Brick Lane's stylish surrounds with these buckled troopers. How’re you wearing them, chic or casual?

As we said, it's not always been thick soles and chunky styling. Let's see what else Buffalo has to offer.

The History of Buffalo

Buffalo’s story began in 1976 with tribute to Mexican cowboy boots. In case you didn't know already, the brand's founder Michael Conradi discovered the footwear style on a trip. He then went on to establish Buffalo Boots in 1979, where it became a hit amongst Germany’s youth scene.

Worldwide ventures were conquered in 1984, running alongside the brand’s venture into versatility through sporting footwear.

Alas, 1995 marked the launch of a Buffalo classic and likely the style you’re here to find today.

From this point, not a tall task to pinpoint moments when Cher, Madonna, N’SYNC and the Spice Girls all rocked Buffalo footwear. With that Cloud Sole underfoot, this is a sculpted platform in all of its glory.

Will Buffalo be joining your rotation today? Or will you be keeping them on the burner for summer? Regardless, shop the whole range here and remember to tag us in styling shots through our Instagram.