The Best Shoes For School: PE Edition

The Best Shoes For School: PE Edition

It may feel like a lifetime away, but the next academic year is just around the corner! We can't believe it either. Though, we - rather our little ones - must be ready. Let's get on with it. Here are the best shoes for school, PE edition.

Surely you didn't think that we'd jump straight into it, did you? Obviously not. You need some guidance on trainers that are perfect for PE - which means we'll be explaining the method to our madness. What makes the perfect PE shoe, exactly? It's time to learn.

How To Pick A Shoe For PE

It's no secret that your kids will be zooming about during PE like it's nobody's business. So, you'd be a fool not to invest in something incredibly hard-wearing - a thick sole is good, whilst ballistic mesh and suede work very well, too. Leather is durable, though the trainers tend to looks heavily worn a lot faster. Let's leave leather for the classroom. 

We'd go down the route of a VEJA V-10, especially with a Vegan upper. They're durable, robust and can be cleaned in an instant.


PE Shoes Should Fit Snug

Injury can be caused by trainers fitting badly - let's compare it to a car tyre. If a tyre doesn't fit the wheel correctly, then the wheel shall be sliding all over the place. So, ensure there is a thumb's width at the toe to avoid damage to growing toes and nails. 

In the modern footwear market, it's possible to find trainers that fit WIDE. For example, the Flower MOUNTAIN Yamano 3; they're technically laced for elevated comfort, including the lateral straps that cement your feet to the sole. Wide, secure, and zero space for slippage.

Shop the Flower MOUNTAIN Yamano 3.

PE Shoes Should Be Stable

Stable, with a non-marking outsole, a hard midsole and perhaps additional grip and the toe and heel. If PE can't take place outside, then it's important for soles to be non-marking so you don't get in trouble for damaging school property! Plus, just look at this style.

The New Balance 550 is a classic, it'll always be a classic. you'll be the talk of the playground.

Shop the New Balance 550.

If we offered the correct advice for you, this may well be the perfect blog! But, if your pair is completely destroyed and destined for the bin, then why not hit one of the blogs below? Let's find a pair together!

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