Summertime Sandals - By TOWER

Summertime Sandals - By TOWER

Summertime, summertime, summertime... sandals! Here's at TOWER, we're partial to a sandal or two - which is why we've decided to give you some insight into the pairs that we'll have on-foot until the sun rain comes back around. 

We've gathered the best sandals that Dr. Martens has to offer, followed by a selection of the other pairs stuck in HQ rotation. If our toes aren't out, the chances are we're not interested. This is our favourite season with the best sandals for summer in tow.

Now, less talking, more wearing. This is how the British Summertime should be - just sunshine, sandals and good vibes! It's time to let our photographer and family do the talking.

Dr. Martens Ayce Sandal 

Dr. Martens Vegan Blaire Sandal 

 Dr. Martens EH Suede Carlson

Right, that's Dr. Martens done; it's time for the other crews! It wouldn't be Brick Lane without a little variety, we're not about boring around here. Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, Vagabond and Juicy Couture... let's go!

Calvin Klein Slides

Birkenstock Milano

Vagabond Courtney Sandal

Juicy Couture Baby Track

And that's it - our sandal round-up. This is Summertime with TOWER, Summertime as it should be and Summertime in the sunshine! We know what we're talking about when it comes to footwear, so why not take a leaf out of our book and grab a pair from our editorial spotlight?

If none of the pairs pictured catch your eye, then join us in-store or online by clicking here today.