Slides, Crocs' Classic Platform Slides

Slides, Crocs' Classic Platform Slides

Sitting at 1.2 inches above the ground, this is simplicity at its best. Crocs know a thing or two about footwear, and these slides are no exception. Meet the Crocs Classic Platform Slide - we reckon you may be a fan.

Simple yet effective, they're easy on purpose. When Crocs do it, they do it right, effortlessly, everything without tiring. You know, it's just their way.


You can wear these with jeans, track pants or a skirt - consider anything somewhat free-flowing. If you're comfortable, we're comfortable, if you're ready for Brick Lane then so are we. Whatsmore, Jibbitz can be added onto the strap just as you could with the toe cap on their standard clog.


 At the heel, you'll find elevated nipples for grip wherever your journey may lead - preferably not through the Amazon rainforest, or across the Sahara, though. We're not sure that will work out so well.

These fit in exactly the same way as a standard Crocs slides, however allow for slightly more rigidity due to the thicker sole. Crocs comfort operates on a 360 degree level, must you know.

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