Our Loyalty Scheme Is Now Live

Our Loyalty Scheme Is Now Live

Introducing TOWER’s Loyalty Scheme – otherwise known as your opportunity to become a vital part of London’s fastest growing independent footwear family. By joining, you’ll secure exclusive access to a host of limited launches, early sale browsing and the chance to save £££ on every pair available right now at TOWER.

Introducing the TOWER Loyalty Program

Sign Up

Sign up to TOWER’s Loyalty Scheme through the link in our bio, or join us at tower-london.com.

Earn Points

Actually, earning loyalty points couldn’t be easier – in fact, you’ll earn 250 for creating an account, another 500 for signing up to our emails, 100 for following our IG (you’re already here, we see you!) and up to 50 points for referring a friend. Oh, you’ll gain points for every pound spent, too - not forgetting 10 points per every blog browse.

Early Access

When it comes to early access and securing exclusive deals, all you need to do is sit back and relax. We’ll take it from here.

Redeem Points

Okay, so now the ball is in your court. To redeem those precious points collecting dust on the top shelf, head over to your account and convert them into a discount code for use on your next order. Boom. Simple!

Work Your Way Through The Tiers

Yep - you heard correctly. With each point you earn you'll find yourself on the next rung of rewards. Everyone starts as a 'member' before reaching 'Insider' at 150 points and 'VIP' at 400 points. It's actually very easy to climb the ladder, you just have to read through the above!