Shop the New Balance 327 'Mindful Grey' for Under £100

Shop the New Balance 327 'Mindful Grey' for Under £100

Good news - you can now bag that New Balance 327 colourway, for less. Secure the New Balance 327 'Mindful Grey' for under £100 today. But, what makes this shoe such a landmark? 

During 2020’s first lockdown we were given a lot to think about, how would this new way of life affect our day to day? Would we ever seen an end to restrictions? When can I visit my TOWER family again? However, amongst shrouds of uncertainty, New Balance launched a brand new silhouettes that boasted more heritage than you can wave a mask at.

History of the New Balance 327

Welcome, Charlotte Lee’s 327. To learn more about a New Balance’s rise of not-so-archival, archival silhouettes, have a read with TOWER below.

Having joined New Balance as an intern in 2014, Lee was based in Manchester throughout the 327’s design process where her ‘lockdown baby’ came to life with help from senior New Balance designer and archival specialist, Samuel Pearce.

Designed by Charlotte Lee

As you’d expect from the paragraphs drip-feeding limited information above, Charlotte Lee was the name leading NB’s design team in developing their 327, the name that pulled key influence from two landmark silhouettes with a further two supporting on areas from subtle details to naming - and of course, the designer that spent two years perfecting a shape that would be unveiled at Paris FW20 Fashion Week.

Archival Style Reference

Diving heel from tongue, you’re able to find elements of four archival silhouettes throughout the 327 at differing points of the design process - layering previously seen panel templates over one another to give an impression of recognisable newness.

A final reference of palette was made to both the 355 and Supercomp as you can find over at Charlotte’s Instagram, whereas preliminary outsole curvature was sculpted by chopping up sheets of nipple-ridden 410 outsole rubber. Finally, you may be wondering how ‘327’ was born. In 1976, New Balance first launched their ’N’ logo with help from a certain 320, a silhouette that was soon heralded as a runner’s number one choice in footwear by Runner’s World magazine and blessed with the same asymmetric, wraparound outsole seen beneath its modern counterpart.

Overall, Charlotte Lee is not only changing the way we perceive New Balance silhouettes brandwide, but highlighting moments in the Boston-based archive that may have got lost along the way, landmarks and awards that deserve recognition in the long term, not just once.

Shop the New Balance 327 'Mindful Grey'

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