How To: A Guide to Dressing Smart Casual

How To: A Guide to Dressing Smart Casual

Smart casual - what does it mean exactly? Well, it requires a bit of know-how. Smart casual combines fitted, professionally looking attire with pieces of casual wear - for example, a suit without a tie and colourful socks paired with some leather loafers. Or, jeans and... a pair of loafers. If you would wear the outfit or footwear to an office, but not the other half, then we have a smart casual outfit on our hands.

But, when is smart casual footwear suitable?

When to Wear Smart Casual

You should wear smart casual for occasions where formals cannot be worn, or any occasion that doesn't call for shorts. Don't overcomplicate it, jeans and a jacket apply to smart casual - but you can role-reverse and combine a white t-shirt with your favourite pair of suits trousers. Parties, dinners and social get-togethers - all apply!

The Best Smart Casual Footwear

At TOWER, we take pride in stocking the finest footwear from smartwear to casual trainers - so, of course smart casual can be shopped right here. Both in-store and online. But, there's more to it than that; let's break down the difference below.

Smart Casual Trainers

When it comes to deciding which smart casual trainers to wear, we have a number of guidelines for you to follow. Firstly, keep it simple! A tennis trainer or plimsole will work brilliantly, smart casual shoes should still be presentable. We suggest against wearing lifestyle running shoes due to the athletic nature of technology and use of technical mesh throughout. Smart casual means combining smart with casual, not athletics with suits.

Smart Casual Formal Shoes

Arranging smarter footwear for a smart casual occasion can be tricky, so we're recommending a number of pairs that can be worn with jeans, or possibly chinos. If you think smarter footwear is the way to go, then please, whatever you do, avoid black leather. This isn't the office, it's a social event! We'd recommend a loafer, or moccasin and maybe even a pair of modernised brogues!

Shop Smart Casual Footwear at TOWER

And that is how we do smart casual here at TOWER. We have trainers, smart casual footwear and formals - all waiting to be rocked on-foot with light wash denim or chinos in tow. If this wasn't enough, join us online at for even more options, or head into your nearest TOWER shopfront today.