Birko-Flor, EVA and BirkiBuc, a Birken-story

Birko-Flor, EVA and BirkiBuc, a Birken-story

At TOWER, there are a number of questions that we're asked on a regular basis - "How do I join the TOWER Family?" " When is your next event?" and the inspiration for today's blog post, "What is the difference between Birkenstock's EVA, Birko-Flor and BirkiBuc uppers? I like my natural leather and suede!". Well, join us below for a closer look at the factors that set Birkenstock's selection of leather alternatives ahead of the rest.

Birko-Flor - here to stay:

In all of its comfortable glory, Birko-Flor is a skin-friendly, tear-resistant and synthetic textile that takes significantly less effort to look after than your everyday leather. Each sheet is comprised of a soft acrylic and polyamide felt fibre compound, finished in a leather-like sheen. The perks? No break-in period required! Oh, a proven level of water-resistance too. Who needs leather?

BirkiBuc - a softer approach:

As the name suggests, BirkiBuc provides a synthetic option for our nubuck aficionados. Whilst it may share DNA with Birko-Flor, there's nothing similar about the textile finish - after all, nubuck and leather are two very different choices. Consider this as your slightly napped, not-so-smooth decision!

EVA - the poolside success:

Now for one of Birkenstock's most regularly used though least spoken about materials - ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA for short! Have you ever found that your cosy cork footbed absorbs every drop of water that it touches? Let us solve that very qualm with EVA, a plastic softer and lighter than rubber without losing any cushioning properties; making them hygienic, odourless *almost* indestructible!

Yet to decided on your pair? No worries at all. Join us at the TOWER IG for more styling advice, or head over to to shop the entire range.