DNA deep-dive: What makes UGG's Tasman?

DNA deep-dive: What makes UGG's Tasman?
Don't play silly games with us, we know how busy you've been on social media - we know you've been eyeing up the UGG Tasman and well, we have been too! But, what makes them just so, so special? What do we know about the UGG Tasman? Well, everything you need to know can be found below!

Kickstarting life in 1978 California, UGG was founded by a young Australian surfer that wanted to create product around his innate love for sheepkin - this was his inspiration, a key factor at the heart of everything UGG-orientated today.

Nearly a decade later, UGG had staked its claim on Southern Cali’s relaxed culture, gaining popularity amongst surfing circles and coastal shop-fronts of course; it only makes sense, right? After all, in another 20 years UGG had gained enough momentum to open flagship number one - hello NYC! From seaside to SOHO, a physical landmark had been created and a distinctly trademark Vogue chic helped transform sheepskin altogether.

We’ve had UGG in the UK for nearly 15 years now, welcoming two landmark locations into Westfield and Covent Garden’s tourist hubs. however, personal taste comes down to one simple question…

What does the Tasman mean to you? Complete with Treadlite grip underfoot and UGGpure wool insoles, the sheepskin lined Tasman can be taken here, there and perhaps everywhere - thanks to plush suede from heel to toe. By plucking an outsole from their Classic boot, UGG has created the perfect silhouette for those wanting to explore the great outdoors before relaxing in front of Saturday Night television. Soft suede, Tasman Braid, UGGpure insoles and Treadlite outsole grooves - if you ask TOWER, this is the perfect balance of well-rounded styling!