DNA Deep-Dive: Sustainability with our family favourites

DNA Deep-Dive: Sustainability with our family favourites

Nowadays, Earth Day is recognised around the globe - not just for it’s drive towards reducing pollution and an overarching impact on natural surroundings, but its position in maintaining a vital awareness surrounding the impact of climate change day-by-day.

Whilst TOWER may be London born and bred, we see the affect our actions have on those situated outside of our capital; whether that be waste management, energy reduction or investing in more sustainable product.

Join us below as we give the lowdown on some sustainable options currently available at TOWER. Do sustainability, the TOWER way!

Working against the grain, VEJA produce their running-uppers using 100% recycled plastic bottles, as they sit above an Amazonian rubber outsole and comfortable L-Foam latex cushion - developed using 30% natural latex.

One year after their lightbulb moment, VEJA’s founders landed themselves in Brazil, learning everything they could about raw extraction from local seringueiros; communities whom perfected the craft of rubber tapping. This natural rubber would lay foundations for their first pair - a material representing 40% of all soles they’ve manufactured since.

However, this isn’t to say that leather cannot be found in their footwear portfolio. Sustainable animal hide creates another consumer alternative, too! Knowing a batch of leather’s exact journey from abattoir to shopfloor helps troubleshoots any bouts of trouble in production, ensuring processes meet REACH standards beneath the ChromeFree umbrella. This was achieved with help from the Working Leather Group - an organisation that pinpoints sustainable practise to reduce the environmental impact of leather, awarding tiered ratings for consumer use.

Dr. Martens offer theirs consumer base a comprehensive array of silhouettes in iconic formats, styled with vegan alternatives without losing the brand’s uncompromising DNA. Zero leather doesn’t mean zero fun, in fact, we think the opposite!

Finished with a yellow-tinted loop at its heel, Dr. Martens non-leather range utilises extra durable, synthetic materials that succeed an animal friendly construction. Each option is built to last as long as DM’s classic styles - in fact, you’ll even find the very same soles welted underfoot complete with notes of yellow stitching from toe to heel.

What do you look for when shopping non-leather substitutes? Dr. Martens core offering comprises of four separate options, all boasting their own recognisable aesthetic. Felix Rub Off is DM’s go-to compound, somewhat less shiny and patent then the high-shine, synthetic Oxford. The Oxford Brush and Gloss Pull-Up join forces in bringing two-tone contrasting palettes to the world-stage, all you have to do is decide between cherry-red or glossy options!

Boston's New Balance introduced their Green Leaf standard to cast a spotlight over environmentally kind material options, integrated into both footwear and apparel lines. Whilst apparel production may not be directly applicable to TOWER's shelf-residing stock, to qualify for green leaf embellishment at least 50% of the materials used must be sourced with environmental after-care in mind; footwear, however, requires 50% or more of the upper's textile construction alone to be 'environmentally preferred' beyond a further solo ingredient underfoot. Between 2030 and the time of writing this, New Balance are committing to reduce their CO2 emissions by 30%, whilst driving towards the use of 100% preferred leather, 50% recycled polyester, zero footwear factory land-fill waste and 100% renewable electricity usage across all NB-owned operations by 2025. Even sooner! When shopping sustainable, just look for the green leaf! Tell it TOWER sent you. No outfit is complete without a comfortable pair of socks - yes, even with sandals! However, it can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect, sustainable variation for your wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger has injected Tencel into their mesh socks, meaning you can now shop sustainably from head to toe! What makes Tencel so environmentally kind, you ask? It is fully biodegradable after being harvested from certified wood sources, so once you've worn them through, they'll be right at come with the compost. Plus, this organic textile is far less thirsty with energy and water than your standard cotton.

Did anything stand out to you? Head over to tower-london.com and shop our sustainably selected options now!

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