TOWER Family: Our Holiday edit!

TOWER Family: Our Holiday edit!

Finding the perfect pair to suit your Bank Holiday plans can be difficult - we know, we’ve been there! So, our team has handpicked a selection of pairs from GUESS, Hugo and Boss, to Barbour, Blundstone and TOMS, just for you.

We’re doing what we can to make your Bank Holiday get-away even more enjoyable, that’s what it means to be part of the TOWER Family!

Where will the long weekend take you? Browse with us below and save 15% by using code: FLASh25 at checkout.

We have a host of Espadrilles from TOMS just ready to be worn, ideal for every last adventure from the beach to the bar. However, if sandals are your go-to, look no further than our favourite Scholl or Vagabond styles. The sunshine is calling!

Hoping this evening is one to remember? Allow us to introduce the three B’s; Blundstone, Barbour and Boss, three options that add a touch of class to any occasion

Get ready to put some miles on the clock with a selection of great trainers currently available at TOWER! GUESS hold all the answers, whilst Hugo’s sharp panelling remains a holiday staple - but, which style is catching your eye?